Behavior Assessment & Treatment II

Overview: Behavior Assessment & Treatment II includes 2 sessions. During the 1st session, a behavior interview and assessment will be used to determine an appropriate treatment plan. The plan is explained and demonstrated in the 1st session. You will also be provided a detailed written assessment and treatment plan. The 2nd session is scheduled within the next month, depending on the needs of the client. Initial assessment session is completed remotely, with the option of remote or in-home for the remaining sessions. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Used for: Minor behavior problems, such as housetraining issues or basic obedience training, including puppy behavior problem prevention, house-training, and general manners.

Cost: $290.00 + travel ($0.50/mile round trip from Morgantown to your home).

*Single session add-on: $99