Dr. Woof provides puppy preparation, socialization, and training, consultations on preparing pets for a new baby, basic obedience training, therapy and service dog training, and assessment and treatment of behavior problems in pets.

Common dog behavior problems include aggression toward people or animals, fearful behavior, separation anxiety, house soiling, excessive barking, jumping, resource guarding, pulling on leash, leash reactivity, fearful behavior and phobias, and general noncompliance.
Common cat behavior problems include house soiling, fearful behavior, aggression between resident cats or toward humans, and anxious behavior including ingestion of foreign objects, over-grooming, and repetitive behavior.

Young Family with Pet Dog

Assessment conducted and prognosis provided.


1 session up to 1 1/2 hours


Puppy Play

For behavior problems, such as fear and aggression or basic obedience training, including puppy behavior problem prevention, house-training, and general manners.


4 sessions over 4 months


Smart Dog

For minor behavior problems or training needs. 

2 sessions over 2 months


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CGC Logo Pic.PNG

Used for: CGC certification and 

3rd party verification of service dog status.


Used for: dog behavior education for animal specialists (veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, etc); service dog education for local businesses; group seminars for pet owners.

dog running with toy

Individuals interested in learning more about the field of applied animal behavior and pet training