About Dr. Woof

Dr. Lindsay (Parenti) Livengood, aka "Dr. Woof," has been training dogs and offering behavioral services to pets and assistance animals in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas since 2006. She has worked with over 400 dogs!


Dr. Woof is an associate certified animal behavior consultant, identifying her as among the most experienced and educated in  animal training and behavior. Lindsay has a Master's degree in Behavior Analysis and a PhD. in Animal Sciences from West Virginia University.


Lindsay currently works full time at West Virginia University as the Program Director for Hearts of Gold Service Dogs. She teaches several university courses, conducts research, and oversees the training of 30+ service dogs in training. She enjoys her free time with her 17-year-old beagle mix, Merlot, and her 6-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Mocha.