"Lindsay helped me find solutions to manage my dogs anxious behaviors. She taught me how to handle the issues and was always prepared to adjust the plan when setbacks occurred. My dog and I have so much better quality of life after only a few months of training."

-Emma Turner 


We were consistently impressed by the depth of Lindsay's knowledge and her commitment to Doug's welfare."

-Rona & Fizz Moody 



"My husband and I would like to say thanks so much to Lindsay Parenti for helping us change our troubled rescue dog, Maggie, into a loving family pet. I definitely recommend both Lindsay and Megan if you have a troubled animal."

Joyce Herschberger


"Lindsay gave my husband and I plenty of helpful information, which was vital for correcting all the myths we thought were true about dog behavior and training."

Neese Campione


"Lindsay gave great suggestions that were easy to put in place. Lindsay has given me several tips and responded promptly to any questions. Enjoy working with Lindsay!"

Melissa Brisell

Sandy & Rio

“After working with Lindsay, we learned that we could 100% handle the issue and get Pepper feeling better.”

-Chelsea Hellen


"Lindsay is down to earth, helps explain things in layman's terms, and really is there to help you understand and learn how to work with your animals."


Nicole and AJ Romino

Honey & Ryder

"Through [Lindsay's] instruction, I better understand how to work with my dog and use positive reinforcement to curb unwanted behaviors."

- Linda Burl